Dead Island is Dead Hard and here why

Dead Island has been out for a few weeks now and I am still really enjoying it, even if I am now playing Arkham City, but despite having tons of fun bashing zombies to bits on the island of Banoi I have more than a few moments where I wanted to pull out my hair or throw the controller against the wall. In short the game is difficult for me as I am playing in single player mode, my Xbox 360 is not currently on-line so I am alone in my adventure………BIG MISTAKE. I am fully aware that this game has 4-player coop but my god it defiantly shows in the single player campaign. For instance in the first area of the game I was doing rather well until out of nowhere I was suddenly attacked by about 7 zombies within a very cramped location……the result being my first death, now to be honest being swarmed is something I enjoy as its something of challenge BUT there is one major problem I have with this game. THE ZOMBIES CAN RUN RIGHT THROUGH YOU. I have been playing this game since release and despite the few bad reviews I’ve found little to complain about but when I’m faced with about 6 zombies and one runs right through the character the fight almost becomes impossible as your turning around to deal with the confusion. The other day I loaded the game up and in a two-hour session I must have died at least 7 times due to this bug, and while it inst that noticeable at first just wait till you meet the buggers who run at you Left 4 Dead style.

In Short single player campaign is possible and enjoyable but Id defiantly like to try out coop in the future


A Farmville Movie…….REALLY??

So it would seem that I wasn’t hearing things when I heard that Zynga, the creators of popular Facebook game Farmville, are now planning to make a Movie, as we know film adaptations of video-games rarely turn out good so how well can a possible farming Movie be? Do not get me wrong I understand just how popular Farmville is, and I myself have had many a discussion about the strange addiction of the Harvest moon game series……..but in all honestly can any one find a positive aspect of this new. Well maybe the rumour that it might be free but im guessing that will only be to Facebook users or dedicated farmville fanatics.

However despite my clear criticism I will admit im slightly curious about this idea, will they be using the graphics of the game, will they include specific maps from dedicated players or will it be something entirely new for the company.  Now while the movie they are making hasn’t actually been confirmed as Farmville various rumours and dropping of hints seem to give the idea that it is a high possibility.

so what’s your take on the whole thing??