A Farmville Movie…….REALLY??

So it would seem that I wasn’t hearing things when I heard that Zynga, the creators of popular Facebook game Farmville, are now planning to make a Movie, as we know film adaptations of video-games rarely turn out good so how well can a possible farming Movie be? Do not get me wrong I understand just how popular Farmville is, and I myself have had many a discussion about the strange addiction of the Harvest moon game series……..but in all honestly can any one find a positive aspect of this new. Well maybe the rumour that it might be free but im guessing that will only be to Facebook users or dedicated farmville fanatics.

However despite my clear criticism I will admit im slightly curious about this idea, will they be using the graphics of the game, will they include specific maps from dedicated players or will it be something entirely new for the company.  Now while the movie they are making hasn’t actually been confirmed as Farmville various rumours and dropping of hints seem to give the idea that it is a high possibility.

so what’s your take on the whole thing??


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