About Us

Welcome to The Motion Pixels, here we all love films and video games and always have some opinion to share so we have, enjoy. Meet out team.


Howdy you may call me ShutinSmith,  a recent university graduate who studied Film and Television. Personally I think of myself as being a bit eccentric, both in regards to life and the Movies i watch, on more than one occasion my collection of Movies has raised some question purely because I will gladly watch ANYTHING once including incredibly childish films and those widely known for their suckage quality. Favourite genres include comedies, action, foreign, and martial arts.

As long as I can recall I’ve always loved video games, I still remember getting a Super Nintendo at age 6, and still remember playing Final Fantasy at a young age and then bragging to everyone to big smart sounding word I learnt from a video game. My taste in games is much like my taste in Movies, I’l gladly play anything once. My current most played console is my 360 but I also own a PS2, N64, Super Nintendo, and Mega Drive so while I might review mostly newer games on my Xbox ill also try to get to some more retro titles.

Favourite Movie: Ghostbusters
favourite Game: To Be Decided


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